8. Let’s execute

10. Getting to the bottom of things

Testing with piles in water and sand to understand the soil around monopiles.

It sounds like a beautiful beach day: playing around with water and sand in an environment that cannot be taunted by rain. But doing so can result in more than just sandcastles.

As the size of offshore wind turbines increases, monopiles get bigger as well. New installation technologies are currently being investigated, further developed, and tested in the SIMOX (Sustainable Installation of XXL Monopiles) R&D project. The aim is to enable the installation (and decommissioning) of future XXL monopiles in the North Sea sands. And all of this in a sustainable, cost-effective, societally, and environmentally acceptable manner.

https://grow-to-go.nl/202211-Getting-to-the-bottom of things

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