#9 What It’s Like to Be an AWS Solution Architect With Akshat Srivastava

#11 Implementing the SRE Practice From Scratch: Lessons Learned with Yousef Sedky from Axiom / Hyke

Today, we invited Yousef Sedky. Yousef is a DevOps team lead and AWS Cloud architect at Axiom and its sister company Hyke. Axiom Telecom is one of the largest telephone retailers of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia and Hyke, its sister company, is a distribution platform for mobile products. Yousef joined Hyke about 2.5 years ago. His first challenge was to build the architecture from scratch. At the same time, Hyke was growing very fast, so Yousef decided to implement the SRE practice to make sure they could continue to deploy fast, with zero to minimal downtime. In this episode, Yousef talks to Anthony about his lessons learned while implementing the SRE practice: how did they decide what their SRE strategy would look like, how did he build the team, how did Yousef and his team make sure the rest of the organization was on board, what are the lessons learned, and much more.

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