#9 What It’s Like to Be an AWS Solution Architect With Akshat Srivastava

#14 Moving From Network Engineering to Site Reliability Engineering With Murali Suriar of Snowflake (Former Google)

So in this episode, Anthony talks to Murali Suriar. Up until a few months ago, Murali worked as a Site Reliability Engineer at Google, where he also edited the ground breaking book that is the foundation of the SRE practice: The SRE playbook by Google.

So, to give you a quick overview of his career: after finishing his computer science studies, Murali first started working as a support and then network engineer at Goldman Sachs. After Goldman Sachs, he started as a network engineer at Google, then dove into the SRE roles and ultimately became an SRE tech lead for one of Google’s services. After about 8 years at Google, he very recently switched roles: Murali now works as a senior site reliability engineer at Snowflake – a cloud data as a service provider.

We were very happy that Murali said yes when we invited him to the StackPod, because he has a lot of experience in different roles at these very different types of companies: from a very large, perhaps more traditional bank, to a tech giant and the founder of the SRE practice to a – still big but much smaller than his previous companies – software scale-up.

So, in this episode, Murali and Anthony discuss how and why Murali got into SRE from network engineering, what are some of the differences and perhaps similarities when implementing the SRE practice at different types of companies and how you can implement the SRE practice if you are interested in it, but – for example – you work at a smaller company and perhaps you don’t have that many resources. Murali has some great tips on that too.Enjoy the episode!

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