#9 What It’s Like to Be an AWS Solution Architect With Akshat Srivastava

#6 How and why we built our own time series graph database w/ Bram Schuur (StackState)

For this episode, we invited Bram Schuur. Bram is one of the developers that have been with StackState from almost day one, and he has been working on our time series graph database (or our StackGraph, as we call it internally – you might hear Bram call it that way). ‘What is that?’, You may say? Well, the time series graph database is the database that is at the basis of our topology-based observability solution: it helps our customers to go back in time to see exactly what their topology looked like, for example to find out what specific change caused an incident.

Listen to this episode to hear Bram talk about why we decided to build our own database, instead of just using an existing one like Neo4.js, for example, and the challenges of building our own proprietary technology – which can take up a lot of time and effort.

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