Solution Engineer Anthony Evans van Stackstate interviewt gasten in de branche over observability.

Het doel van de podcast is om mensen Stackstate te laten associeren met bepaalde onderwerpen en te laten zien dat ze thought leader zijn op het gebied van observability. Techneuten en specialisten van grote merken zoals Bol.com, de KvK en  zijn te gast.

De podcast verschijnt tweewekelijks. Omdat Anthony gasten van over de hele wereld spreekt, wordt de podcast opgenomen dmv een zoom-call tussen Anthony en de gast. De opname daarvan wordt naar de Podcast Fabriek gestuurd. Wij levelen de podcast, knippen het gesprek terug van 45 tot 60 minuten naar 30 tot 45 minuten en ontwikkelen de vormgeving. Ook knippen we per aflevering 2 video-snippets die Stackstate gebruikt op zijn sociale kanalen om de aflevering aan te jagen. Ook publiceren wij de afleveringen op alle podcast-kanalen en leveren metadata aan.

Beluister de laatste aflevering

#18 Tech: Why It’s Always About the People and Never About the Technology With Jujhar Singh of Thoughtworks

I am so excited to announce the guest of this show: Jujhar Singh! A few episodes ago, we talked with fellow podcaster and tech evangelist Dotan Horovits. During that episode, Dotan shared with us that he wrote a blog post together with Jujhar called ‘How Much Observability Is Enough?’, and we were eager to invite Jujhar to the StackPod as well to dive into this topic a bit more.

So, to give you some background information: Jujhar has worked in tech since he was very young and when he was in his mid twenties, he was already an IT manager. After a while, he decided to take a paycut because he wanted to be in software engineering instead of management, which was, I quote: “the best decision I ever made, man”. Currently, Jujhar is a lead consultant at Thoughtworks, with a specialization in DevOps and Infrastructure, where he has the chance to work alongside some of the writers of his favorite software book: Accelerate: The Science of DevOps.

In this episode, you will hear Jujhar and Anthony discuss why tech is always about the people and not about the technology, how you can enable engineering teams to make their lives easier and prevent cognitive overload and why platform teams can be an answer to that, why diversity is crucial for successful working environments, and much more.

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