#9 What It’s Like to Be an AWS Solution Architect With Akshat Srivastava

#12 What Is OpenTelemetry and Is It the Future of Observability? With Melcom Van Eeden of Stackstate

So today, we are going to talk about a subject that’s been getting a lot of attention in the observability branche lately: OpenTelemetry. In StackState’s latest release, we added support for OpenTelemetry traces and Melcom van Eeden was one of our great developers who built this feature. He also wrote a blog about it, he created a tutorial video on how to use OpenTelemetry within StackState and is, as you will hear in a minute, very passionate about the subject. So, needless to say, Melcom is the perfect person to talk about OpenTelemetry. He and Anthony discuss topics like: what does ‘serverless’ have to do with OpenTelemetry? What is OpenTelemetry exactly? Why is it such an innovative new standard that can help a lot of people (from developers to DevOps and SRE teams)? So, needless to say, OpenTelemetry is a topic we are very excited about and we are happy to share this episode with you.

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