#15 Defining and Executing a Clear Product Strategy With Andreas Prins of StackState

In today’s episode we are talking to Andreas Prins. Andreas has over 5 years of experience in different product management and product strategy roles and at the moment he is our VP of product here at StackState. So, if you are familiar with the product management role - either because you are in a similar role or you work closely with product managers in your job - you might be aware of the fact that product management is often a very diverse role: you’re responsible for the product roadmap, you’re the one who’s connecting different teams so that everyone works towards this certain goal, and you are often also the external spokesperson when it comes to things like webinars and interviews. And then I probably still forget some tasks and responsibilities. So, you can imagine we were very stoked when Andreas said yes when we invited him to the podcast. Not just because he’s a great guy and because he’s great at explaining things very clearly, but also because we were looking forward to hearing directly from him about what it’s like to be a product manager. How do you make sure the team stays focused on the long term goals? How do you make decisions in a scale up when you have big hairy goals but perhaps not the big, hairy resources? Also, and this may sound like they are wandering off but not so much - what do baking the perfect stone oven pizza and Lego have to do with software development? Well, that’s exactly what Andreas and Anthony talk about in this episode.

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#15 Defining and Executing a Clear Product Strategy With Andreas Prins of StackState

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