#17 Keeping Customers Happy in Complex Situations With Martin Lako of StackState

Today we are talking to Martin Lako. Martin is Director of Customer Success here at StackState and has been here since almost the beginning - for over 3.5 years now. So to give you a little bit of a background story: As you might know, the StackState observability product is offered as both a Saas and an on-prem solution. On-prem solutions are often used by large enterprises with highly complex IT environments consisting of many different, sometimes mission-critical, technologies. That means StackState not only needs to be implemented very carefully by Martin and his team, the team also needs to be able to integrate StackState with many different technologies. When onboarding gets complex, you might expect that it is hard to keep a high customer service level. Nothing could be further from the truth for Martin and his team. According to many of our customers they do an amazing job. On technology review site G2, one customer said: “The StackState team listens to what their customers need and has fantastic customer support.” Another customer said: “Vendor/Friend with which I would like to grab a beer!” So obviously, we wanted to invite Martin to the StackPod to ask him about this: What does his team do to keep our customers happy, even if onboarding can be very complex? How does he deal with all of the different time zones? How does he make sure he and his team continue to deliver the same level of customer service now that the company is growing? Apart from that, Anthony and Martin talk about Martin’s biggest hobby: playing the guitar, which he started when he was 40. Martin shares why you are never too old to learn and his top tips on learning to play a music instrument. 

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#17 Keeping Customers Happy in Complex Situations With Martin Lako of StackState

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